Officers working at Ministry

S.N. Designation Name and surname Contact No. Division/Section
1. Secretary Mr. Udaya Raj Sapkota 4211987
2. Joint Secretary  Mr. Phanindra Gautam International Law and Treaties Division, Drafting Division,  
3.  Joint Secretary Mr. Sushil Koirala  Administration Division, International Law and Treaties Division, and Drafting Division,
4.  Joint Secretary Mr. Koshal Chandra Subedi  International Law and Treaties Division
5. Joint Secretary Ms. Nirmala Adhikari Bhattrai International Law and Treaties Division, Drafting, Written Response
6. Joint Secretary Mr. Man Bahadur Aryal  Drafting Division, International Law and Treaties Division, Legal opinion, Gazette Editing
7. Joint Secretary Mr. Hum Bahadur K.C. Drafting Division, Planning, Research and Monitoring
8. Under Secretary Mr. Shubhash Kumar Bhattarai 9841414311 Drafting Section, Gazette Editing Section
9. Under Secretary Mr. Krishna Kumar Karki International Law and Treaties Section
10. Under Secretary  Mr. Janga Bahadur Dangi International Law and Treaties Section and Planning Section
11. Under Secretary  Mr. Lokhari Bassal 9851006614 Drafting Section, Written Response
12.  Under Secretary Mr. Jhaindra Prasad Guragai Drafting Section
13. Under Secretary Mr. Kamalraj Gautam 9851120625 Drafting Section and Legal Opinion
14. Under Secretary Mr. Ram Prasad Lamsal Drafting Section and Judicial Administration Section
15. Under Secretary Ms. Muna Sharma 9841241141 Drafting Section
16. Under Secretary Ms. Aarati Shrestha 9841262436 International Law and Treaties Section
17. Under Secretary Mr. Rajaram Dahal 9849999100 Internal Administration Section
17. Under Secretary Mr. Himal Chandra Aryal International Law and Treaties Section
18. Section Officer Mr. Prakash Neupane 9849155012 Study Leave.
19. Section Officer Mr. Ishwori Prasad Acharya 9847107362 Drafting Section
20. Section Officer Mr. Rajendra Prasad Adhikari 9847623900 Drafting Section, Judgment Execution Section
21. Section Officer Ms. Indudevi Neupane 9849O70964 Drafting Section
22. Section Officer Mr. Anushil Sapkota 9851131641 Drafting Section
23. Section Officer Mr. Vinay Mishra 9849184041 Drafting Section
24. Section Officer Mr. Arjun Bhusal 9851192267 International Law and Treaties Section
25. Section Officer Ms. Aastha Lamsal 9843015959 Drafting Section
26. Section Officer Ms. Manju Kumari Pokhrel Study Leave
27. Section Officer Ms. Manju Khadka 9849782505 Drafting Section
28. Section Officer  Mr. Bishal Nemwang 9808147015 Drafting Section and Mutual Legal Assistance
29. Section Officer  Mr. Udaya Prakash Limbu Judicial Administration Section and Gazette Editing Section
30. Section Officer Ms. Sarina Regmi 9843182611 International Law and Treaties Section
31. Section Officer Mr. Dipesh Khanal 9841075257 Drafting Section and Opinion Section
32. Section Officer Mr. Naveen Gadtoula 9841146897 Drafting Section and Written Response 
33. Section Officer Mr. Samata Sharma Gelal Drafting Section
34. Section Officer Mr. Humawoti Dhakal Judicial Administration Section and Drafting Section
35.  Section Officer Ms. Dipa Joshi  9848542900 Gazette Editing Section
36.  Section Officer Ms. Santi Wagle  Secretariat of Hon. Minister
37.  Section Officer Ms. Salina Aryal Internal Administration Section
38.  Section Officer Ms. Mahima Timilsina Planning Section, Drafting Section
39.  Section Officer Ms. Anuja Dutta   International Law and Treaties Section
40. Section Officer Mr. Pawan Kumar Shahi Internal Administration Section
41. Account Officer Mr. Naresh Raj Bhatta Account Section