Functions of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs

  1.  Formulation of drafts of, and clearance on, Federal Bills, Ordinances, Rules,Formation Orders, Directives and Manuals to be issued by the Government of Nepal;
  2.  Introduction of Bills in the Federal Parliament, withdrawal of Bills, assent on Bills passed by the Federal Parliament;
  3.  Government and Private Member Bills;
  4.  Certification of public documents;
  5.  Liaison Ministry with the Supreme Court, Judicial Council, Judicial Service Commission, High Courts, District Courts and specialized courts constituted under the Federal law and judicial bodies;
  6.  Legal opinion and advice;
  7.  Editing of notifications to be published in the Nepal Gazette;
  8.  Withdrawal, compromise and defence of the state cases and the cases over which the Government of Nepal has a concern;
  9.  Signature to, ratification of, accession to, acceptance of, and approval of, treaties, agreements, memorandum of understanding, acquisition of membership of international and intergovernmental organizations, international legal obligations and opinion on the vision to be undertakenat international conferences and negotiations oninternational legal issues;
  10.  International legal disputes;
  11.  Study and research relating tonational justice system, administration of justice and international law;
  12.  Drafting of, and opinions on, international contracts and other instruments;
  13.  Mutual legal assistance;
  14.  Government’s assurances andparliamentary strictures;
  15.  Drafting, research and review of criminal and civil law;
  16.  Publicationand distribution of federal laws;
  17.  Drafting of model laws for the states and local levels and coordination to that effect;
  18.  Human rights and humanitarian law;
  19.  Access to justice and free legal aid, alternative dispute resolution,mediation;
  20.  Bar Council;
  21.  Notary Public and Notary Public Council;
  22.  Translation of laws, legal instruments and treaties as required by the Government of Nepal;
  23.  Central archives of the treaties to which Nepal is a party;
  24.  Unification and codification of laws;
  25.  Publication of international treaties and agreements;
  26.  Conduct of business of, and liaison with, the Federal Parliament;
  27.  Nepal Law Commission, National Judicial Academy, Judicial Probe Commission;
  28.  Truth and Reconciliation Commission;
  29.  Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons;
  30.  Treaty, agreement, convention, contact and coordination with National and International organizations relating to this Ministry;
  31.  Operation and regulation of state corporation, board, academy, etc., relating to this Ministry;
  32.  Operation of Judicial Group and Law Group of the Nepal Judicial Service.